Tigers to ReLive

Every-time we repopulate and build new human homes, we demolish the Home of Wild and do difficult to “undo” damage to Nature! We don’t shy from blaming Wildlife killing our livestock, our fellow humans BUT forget that it is us the Humans who have at first place encroached the space meant only for Wild! Royal Bengal Tiger

Taiji Dolphin Hunt and SeaWorld

Every year on September people in Taiji Japan and surrounding area gather and drive the pods/families of migrating Dolphins (since Dolphins and Whales use sonar like system to find their directions and fishermen on boats use long metal pipes to disorient the pods by metal sounds) to nearby cove and then mercilessly kill the adults and kidnap the calves and young to sell to sea aquariums and water parks like SeaWorld and many around the globe. People of Japan claim this annual hunt and kill as their Tradition but to the fact this killing started around 1950′s and it’s main object is to … Continue reading