Triund Hiking Contact

Guide Contact for Dhauladhar Hiking, Trekking, Camping and Tour Packages

Guide Contacts for Dhauladhar Trek & Hike

For Triund Hill Hike, Camping and Guide Assistance Please Contact any of them, you can consult about Indrahar Pass and other treks as well (**These numbers are for reference only, this website is not associated with any of them):-
  • Manu  +919736159152; +919805439165
  • Mr Thapa  +919805831447

  • Mr Sonu  +919816136355; +919736542849
  • Kuldeep  +919418564767; +919736608767
  • Ranjeet  +91 8894187613
  • Sanjeev  +919736303213
  • Santosh for Kareri Lake +919816309329
  • Abhay  for Palampur Hikes +919816526352

(We will update this list**)

4 Responses to Triund Hiking Contact

  1. Naman says:

    we are planning a trip to triund in december end. Please let me now if we can expect snow there at that time or any other place around where we can experience snowfall on New year.

  2. Trigya says:

    Trigya this side, I am looking to book for Tirund for a two days stay on 31st and 1st of New Year’s Eve. Also let me know how to get there from delhi.

    My number is 9711974397, let me know if you can share the details.

  3. Paras Tolani says:

    Can we take our own tents or advisable to rent?
    If own tents any permits etc?

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